7 Crucial Things You Learn After You Stop Watching Television

stop watching television1 e1397926741153 7 Crucial Things You Learn After You Stop Watching Television

I stopped watching Television approximately 4 years ago. It wasn’t really a conscious decision, but something that just happened naturally over the last few years as I begun looking at the things I needed to do in order to make progress.

I suppose personal development has been a major influence, but what seems to be obvious to me is that it’s a major problem for all of us when it comes to breaking away from it and doing what makes you truly happy.

I’m seeing a huge disconnect with the people I tend to meet on a daily basis and fail to form meaningful discussions with because I didn’t watch an episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘Coronation Street’.

I also see a bunch of people dedicate their whole lives towards things that aren’t important in the grand scheme of what their lives are truly about. We fail to see it due to the effects television does to you over years of consumption and entertainment.

Since stopping it, I’ve realised why I became different to most people in terms of mindset and beliefs, which I honestly believe is a more healthy attitude.

Here are the things i’ve personally learned the minute I stopped watching television and what you will also see if you decide to stop.

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Should Men Approach Women?

should men approach women1 e1397926847828 Should Men Approach Women?

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have learned the importance of taking charge of your life and more importantly, understand the need to better yourself regardless of your gender and circumstances and why other people’s impression of you really isn’t that important.

One of the biggest things that affected me in my past, which is almost too embarrassing for me to even admit in this blog post is the fact that I was too insecure and downright needy to keep a girl in my life or maintain interest in me.

As you can imagine, this left a massive scar in my life that gave a never ending feedback loop as it reinforced the false belief that I was unattractive and not able to attract the opposite sex.

It was so bad that no one’s positive view of me mattered at that point. My achievements were unrecognised and still felt a hole in my self-esteem that I couldn’t seem to close.

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If You Think Your Life Sucks…. Read This

if you think your life sucks If You Think Your Life Sucks.... Read This

Is it possible to get everything you want from this world without asking for anything?

As weird as this may sound. But yes it is!

As most of you already know, I’ve been taking part in a challenge, which involves approaching complete strangers for 180 days.

As of today, I have to be frank and say that i’m a complete idiot. Because having gone out for 2 months now whilst taking some breaks in between. It has only now been apparent to me as to why I was failing and doing terribly when starting conversations with people and perhaps everything else in my life i’ve experienced in the past.

The long and short of it is. I feel so much more grateful and happy after the events of what happened versus any other day of my life so far.

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‘Being Yourself’ Is A Load Of Crap

“Habits are the foundation of Mastery”

being yourself is a load of crap1 Being Yourself Is A Load Of Crap

I have a confession to make and it’s going to upset a lot of people…

Being yourself sucks…

It sucks because it forces you to stay comfortable and not push outside of your limits.

It sucks because it tricks you into thinking you can’t change and that things are the way they are.

It sucks because it keeps you from truly succeeding and becoming the person you really want to be.

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Cold Approach Challenge – Dating Mistakes Guys Make

Should a man compliment a woman?

This is an age old question that has been asked for years, yet seem to always get the same canned answer: “Of course you should!”

I could tell you based on my experience, that having been going out for 4 weeks now… It is definitely hit and miss.

Validation is a powerful thing and in general, would do anything in order to receive it from others in order to get an idea of how significant we are.

In dating, this is no different. The thing i’m starting to get with women the more i’m going out and meeting them is that their beauty is first and foremost, a very valuable and important commodity when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

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The “No BS” Guide To Success

The biggest battle you’ll ever have towards your goals is the battle with yourself.

becoming successful The No BS Guide To Success

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to become successful and good at something?

For the longest time, I used to think the people who seemed to be the best at things were the ones who were just born with it or had a natural proficiency at the skill they were practicing.

How wrong I was…

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Cold Approach Challenge – Embracing Rejection

If someone ever asks you “What’s the best way to develop a thick skin”. Tell them to cut all the BS in their life that is preventing them from failure and to simply fail, fail and fail some more!

I personally haven’t met a single person who hasn’t grafted for a long period of time and not fail badly. Most of these success stories all have a major characteristic.

…They’re tough as nails!

I challenge you to walk up to any one of them and share your sob story.

You feel like nobody is giving you a fair chance?… Tough, go out there, grind and fail.

You feel like you haven’t had luck in the job market to ever become financially successful?… Tough, go out there, grind and fail.

You feel like you’ve never had the opportunity to be a great boyfriend/girlfriend and have never been taken seriously?… Tough, go out there, grind and fail.

Are you starting to see a pattern? I’m sure you get the idea by now…

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Cold Approach Challenge – Cold Approach Vs Warm Approach

Having completed my first week of the challenge. It made me realise just how much work is required to get good at this skill. Having done a lot of activities in the past, I have to say that this is hands down the most difficult thing i’ve ever had to do.

Not because of how tough the skill set is, but because of the outrageous amounts of rejection you experience when going out.

Now granted, failure is expected with everything you do when first starting out. But the pain of actually getting turned down by someone who you considered attractive, is very hard to actually deal with. It hurts your ego on a massive scale and you start to have doubts creep up in your mind about your desirability and attractiveness.

I know logically, that it’s not a realistic thing to believe in because there are many variables at play when talking to a complete stranger, which having sat down and really thought about it, made a lot of sense:

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Everything You Currently Know About Dating Is Completely Wrong

everything you know about dating is wrong1 Everything You Currently Know About Dating Is Completely Wrong

One of my biggest pet peeves about today’s society is the fact that people are so easily convinced with the bullshit that’s given to them about dating and relationships that they have literally deluded themselves and each other about what it really takes to become compatible with one another.

What many people seem to not understand or realise is that nothing is fact until you see it for yourself. 

If you’re not actively going out there and having authentic communications with members of the opposite sex, then how are you to know whether the information that is given to you is factual or complete padding in order to attract more visitors?

The reality is, I would estimate that approximately 98% of the worlds population rely solely on social networking and dating sites in order to meet people. That is because many of us are simply too afraid to actually get rejected or to fail, because we’ve somehow managed to convince ourselves that getting rejected is a form of character assassination; that we’re not good enough, tall enough, good looking enough or whatever rubbish we end up formulating in our minds about why we shouldn’t talk to someone.

I have to be honest and say that you really do not know the facts until you actually experience it for yourself. 

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Cold Approach Challenge Recap – A Female’s Perspective


Week 1 – A Female’s Perspective

Becoming ‘a great conversationalist’ and making your personality more attractive to others is definitely a good resolution to start off 2014. Believing that ‘pretty much everything you experience in life can be learned’ gives you motivation to try and improve your character. Self-improvement is an indispensable trait of human evolution and gives us an additional sense of purpose to every day of our life. I always recommend expanding your comfort zone.

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