• http://www.psycholocrazy.com/ jamie flexman

    Hey, starting with oneself is one of the best ways of taking on the world. Firstly, to take care of others we first need to take care of ourselves – look after number 1 and the rest follows. Secondly I think that we need to talk to people as if we are talking to ourselves – that way, we will always offer value and compassion.

    • http://www.dawnofchange.com/ Onder Hassan

      Exactly right!
      Last Saturday was an epiphany moment for me. Despite understanding it, I never quite got it until last Saturday.
      People respond to however you are. And the thing is, it can’t be faked.

  • http://GetBetterHQ.com Mike Martens

    Hey great post, I always say its our differences that creates our rewards in life, not our similarities and that ideology resounded with me when I read this article.

    As for the comment below, I disagree.

    I think there is a difference between taking care of ourselves and our own self confidence and putting ourselves first.

    By putting the needs of others ahead of our own, we become the cause to everything that then happens for us. Serving others with value, but also humility, trust and honesty comes back to produce favor and abundance in our own lives many times more than anything we could do by putting ourselves first…

    • http://www.dawnofchange.com/ Onder Hassan

      Hey Mike, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

      I think you make a very good point.

      While its great adding value to people, there has to ultimately come a point where you have to stop due to the feedback you’re getting. Some people genuinely don’t appreciate or respond in a positive way, which means cutting your losses and walking away.

      Value is very subjective from person to person, so what one person might ultimately find valuable, another person might not. And that’s completely normal as I’m completely ok with the fact that not everyone is going to like me.

      And I think that’s a great foundation to have and build on because it encourages self-acceptance and not caring what people think about you, which for me has strengthened the more i’ve gone out and spoken to more and more people.

      I’m glad you’ve liked what I’ve written. Keep an eye out for another update very soon :)

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