If I can’t, then I must.

2013 has quite possibly been the most emotionally crazy year for me and has literally taken me on a roller coaster ride full of dips and turns. There was simply no way I could have ever predicted the things that have happened and can honestly say that it has taught me massive lessons. Not because of the successes I’ve had, but the very opposite…

I’ve failed more times than I’ve ever failed in my lifetime and in such a short space of time. While I would love to say that my whole year was full of ups and give you an overblown view of my life like most people in personal development usually tend to do in order to prevent tarnishing their online persona. It simply wasn’t the case…

But with that, came proud moments and achievements that made me understand that no great achievement comes without a series of harsh blow outs, failures and straight up rejections.

I suppose it would be easy to talk about it in writing and to try to express in words how it felt, but it’s simply impossible. Perhaps the only people who have got to experience my emotional highs and lows at first hand are my parents who have been with me every day of the week this year, talking to me and providing me with emotional support for when times were really stressful.

I could give you a list of all my failures as examples, but it would simply be too depressing and probably discourage you from reading further. So instead, i’m simply going to list the key successes i’ve achieved that has not only made all of those failures worthwhile, but also made me proud and reignited my belief that there really is nothing we can’t do in this world.

All it takes is focus, determination, a ‘never say die’ attitude and the ability to keep going despite your set backs and failures.

A big one for me was definitely 2 things: Faith and straight up stubbornness. 

Being the obsessive compulsive that I am. I literally hate leaving anything half way and always have to follow through with whatever it is I do, just so I could create order in my life. And whilst it can be a bad thing, i’ve managed to use it to empower me and make something positive happen out of it.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may have read a blog post of mine similar to this one, highlighting my somewhat vague plans of what I hoped to achieve in the year 2013.

Without spoiling the ending for you. Here’s a small hint: I failed! 🙂

And I thought about why I failed. I failed not because I didn’t plan and prioritise my time… The answer was pretty simple:

You never quite know where your journey towards success is going to take you.

I never could have imagined that I was going to be a published author and have my first book available for purchase in the Amazon Kindle store.

I never could have imagined that I was going to meet 2 successful entrepreneurs who i’ve admired and followed over the years and get to work for them in their business.

I never could have ever imagined having this very blog, communicating with my readers who love reading what I have to write and read my newsletters.

In short, it makes me proud. And it’s these very few successes that make all of those failures worth the pain and frustration.

I could even go back the last few years and say the same thing, having gone through a series of rejections from employers and not being able to build a career like most people my age typically do. And having no idea that with that, came an opportunity to go a different way; To start this very blog and connect with millions of people from all over the world.

It’s definitely a journey that is difficult to lead, due to it being so far out of the ordinary for many people who prefer to follow the traditional path of ‘getting a job, building a career, getting married, buying a house with a white picket fence and save up for retirement’.

A deal, which I was never able to quite align myself with and knew that happiness for me would come from following a different path, calved by my own very hands… And i’ve never been happier, despite the hardships and failures i’ve experienced along the way.

So what’s my plan moving forward?

Having been writing on this blog for almost 2 years now, I never really knew what it was going to be about and what theme it would take. And through the daily process of writing, it has slowly but surely started to become clear to me… I simply wanted to document my progress and show people what really happens when striving towards success.

I don’t know any blog that does this and have always wanted a site that literally shows you the reality of what it really takes to improve yourself and become truly successful. Not just mere words on a page, but by use of other mediums in order to help better convey the message, and to thus teach you in the process and inspire you to perhaps start your own journey. Which in essence, is really what Dawn of Change was always really about.

In short, everything from this point forward will be about demonstration and documentation. This blog will always be a work in progress. It was never set out to be an authority blog written by someone on his high horse dictating how to live life and what his definition of success is. It’s rather going to serve as a life long case study, and will be documented using videos, tutorials from books and sources I’ve read and researched, and personal experiences recorded and shown live in the field.

As you could imagine, with this will come changes in the content organisation. There will be separate sections that will serve as a personal diary of my progress split up into different life categories. In addition to my usual blog posts, it will also hopefully give you a better picture of my thought processes and advice, which you will get to read and see at first hand in my progress diary.

It will be an immense work load moving forward, but i’m really excited with this new direction of the blog moving forward. And I know you will gain tremendous value from it.

So what’s your opinion about the new direction? I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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Onder Hassan
Onder Hassan

Onder is the founder of Dawn of Change. He spends most of his time in the discovery of his own potential, building his self-confidence and using his experiences to share and teach others how to do the same.

    2 replies to "Changes For 2014"

    • jamie flexman

      I like this part; “This blog will always be a work in progress. It was never set out to be an authority blog written by someone on his high horse dictating how to live life and what his definition of success is.”

      To me that is how a blog should be. Nobody has life figured out so why act is if you do? Great work, keep it up, and about failure… it’s essential so keep failing because that means you are always pushing forwards!

      • Onder Hassan

        Thanks Jamie,

        Its definitely true. I’ve failed so much this year but I also achieved the biggest things i’ve ever achieved. The message this year for me was simple: If you want to experience massive amounts of success, you have to be willing to go through massive amounts of failure.

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