• http://unlessyoucareproject.com/ Eric Ungs

    This is great Onder. I have been wanting to test not having a TV in the main family room. Not completely eliminating it but removing it from where we spend 90% of our time. I would much rather not have a TV, it’s one of those things that can suck you into a black hole and all of a sudden hours have passed. The hardest thing though, for me, is getting buy in from other family members. But, you may have just nudged me to make the move, at least for a while to test the waters. :)

    • http://www.dawnofchange.com/ Onder Hassan

      Hey Eric, Thanks for the comment! :)

      You should definitely give it a try. I haven’t watched a normal TV show for at least 4 years now. Because of that, it cut down my video games addiction as well as a byproduct of it.

      I think if you consciously keep busy and fill up your day with activities and todo lists, you’ll naturally not find the time to do it. It’s exactly what happened to me and is the best way to get over an addiction as well.

  • http://www.psycholocrazy.com/ jamie flexman

    I definitely watch less TV now than I used to. I rarely switch it on during the day and I would say 80% of my viewing time is sports related. When I moved into a flat a few years ago there was no aerial in my bedroom so the TV sat in the corner and the living room TV was only set up for movies. I found it strange at first but after a week or so I forgot about it. It’s amazing how quiet life is without the TV in the background, clouding your thoughts and distracting you from your day.

    • http://www.dawnofchange.com/ Onder Hassan

      Yeah, it’s definitely a lot better without it. The only time I use my TV is if I want to play videos games. Even that has decreased over the years. So it’s like a mantlepiece to make my bedroom look normal lol

  • http://imanidealist.com Wan Muhammad Zulfikri Bin Wan

    I’ve stopped watching TV because I don’t have time to watch them. When you have a lot of meaningful things to do, spending hours in front of the TV wouldn’t help in terms of productivity/ The great thing is after some period of time abstaining from TV, I find TV to be more and more boring.

    Good post, Hassan, and thanks for reminding others the importance of stopping from watching TV,

    • http://www.dawnofchange.com/ Onder Hassan

      Thank you for your comment Wan.

      That’s precisely the point. If you keep busy in life, you will have no time to watch Television, which is precisely how people should really be living their lives.

      People generally watch television because its perhaps the only form of entertainment they have in their lives and is easy.

      Just sit on your sofa and watch a small box on the other end of the room instead of getting of your backside and doing something.

  • http://thepersonalfreedomproject.com/ Diana Reid

    Hi Onder! OMG what and awesome post. I stopped watching TV about 4 years ago half way through an episode of Easterners (it was the only ‘programme’ I had left to give up) I switched off the TV and never looked back since. I hate TV noise in the background so annoying!

    7 Great reasons to start living and give up the TV!

  • Isabella

    The best thing that ever happened to my family. My husband and I communicate better and it brought us closer together. The kids are spending their free time reading, pretending, being involved as a family. They WANT to help around the house. It is insane how much better life is when you start to live it.

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