A Few Words about the Founder of the Website

My name is Onder Hassan and I’m the author of Dawn of Change.

Throughout my childhood, I have always been an introvert and felt like an outsider who had a hard time fitting into the normal functions of society.

I’ve always felt that there was something not quite right with the world and often challenged the status quo by asking deep and thought-provoking questions.

When I ran a social media page on Social Anxiety and Introversion, I saw that there were far more introverts and people who had difficulty fitting in than I had imagined. It’s often easy to think that your problems are unique to your own and it isn’t until you share your thoughts with others that you quickly discover just how small your world is.

This is what inspired me to re-launch Dawn of Change. I realised that my mission is to help other people like me by spreading my message with new personal discoveries and with the things I learned to help find meaning and purpose as I did.

Who Is This Website for?

Dawn of Change is for those who are currently lost and would like to reach their full potential despite life’s challenges. It is for people who feel deeply frustrated and want to find their true calling that is free from societal pressures but provides value to the world in unique and positive ways.

What Topics Does Dawn Of Change Cover?

This website delves into topics such as Communication, Personality, Relationships, Loneliness, Self-Esteem and Spirituality.

The goal of the site is to share and discuss why you are the way you are and delve deeper into strategies and solutions that will give you the tools to create a meaningful life full of energy and purpose.