Why Its Ok To Be Stressed

why its ok to be stressed

One of the biggest things that often gets misrepresented badly in society is the idea that we have to strive for an easy life where everything is flowery and easy going. A constant reminder of what we should all look for in our lives as the hallmark to everlasting happiness. But what I often see…

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How To Know What To Do When You ‘Don’t’ Know What To Do

how to know what to do

It takes one man to make a ripple, but a team to make a wave. I used to be a massive dreamer when I was younger. So much so that I would often be told by family members to “wake up” due to staring into space around the dinner table or at work whilst trying…

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7 Crucial Things You Learn After You Stop Watching Television

I stopped watching Television approximately 4 years ago. It wasn’t really a conscious decision, but something that just happened naturally over the last few years as I begun looking at the things I needed to do in order to make progress. I suppose personal development has been a major influence, but what seems to be…

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Should Men Approach Women?

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have learned the importance of taking charge of your life and more importantly, understand the need to better yourself regardless of your gender and circumstances and why other people’s impression of you really isn’t that important. One of the biggest things that affected me in my…

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If You Think Your Life Sucks, Read This

Is it possible to get everything you want from this world without asking for anything? As weird as this may sound. But yes it is! As most of you already know, I’ve been taking part in a challenge, which involves approaching complete strangers. As of today, I have to be frank and say that i’m…

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‘Being Yourself’ Is A Load Of Crap

Habits are the foundation of Mastery I have a confession to make and it’s going to upset a lot of people… Being yourself sucks… It sucks because it forces you to stay comfortable and not push outside of your limits. It sucks because it tricks you into thinking you can’t change and that things are…

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Cold Approach Challenge – Dating Mistakes Guys Make

Should a man compliment a woman? This is an age old question that has been asked for years, yet seem to always get the same canned answer: “Of course you should!” I could tell you based on my experience, that having been going out for 4 weeks now… It is definitely hit and miss. Validation…

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The “No BS” Guide To Success

becoming successful

The biggest battle you’ll ever have towards your goals is the battle with yourself. Have you ever wondered what it really takes to become successful and good at something? For the longest time, I used to think the people who seemed to be the best at things were the ones who were just born with…

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Cold Approach Challenge – Embracing Rejection

  If someone ever asks you “What’s the best way to develop a thick skin”. Tell them to cut all the BS in their life that is preventing them from failure and to simply fail, fail and fail some more! I personally haven’t met a single person who hasn’t grafted for a long period of…

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Cold Approach Challenge – Cold Approach Vs Warm Approach

  Having completed my first week of the challenge. It made me realise just how much work is required to get good at this skill. Having done a lot of activities in the past, I have to say that this is hands down the most difficult thing i’ve ever had to do. Not because of…

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