Anyone who has never made a mistake never tried anything new – Albert Einstein

If you ever wanted to become the best version of yourself but didn’t know where to start, then this blog is for you…

You’re probably wondering how some people are able to lead abundant lives and why others struggle.

Perhaps you’re wondering why your friends are getting better grades than you at school and you’re not.

Maybe you’re frustrated that you can’t seem to find direction in your life while others seem to have it easily figured out.

Until now, there has never been a site dedicated to the development of a person’s full potential.

We are very rarely told by society what these areas of growth are and are often guided down a blind path.

This blog aims to help you rediscover yourself by focusing on every aspect of your human potential using case-studies, research and observations to help educate you and prepare you for action.

I will test every self-help theory in the book and break down the ones that work into simple actionable steps that will help you create your own blueprint of the life you truly want.

Yeah, you heard that right… You get to copy every move I make and use the methods that are right for you.

Sound good?


About Onder


My name is Onder and I have only one goal in mind – “To live life as true to myself as possible by pushing through my limiting beliefs and becoming the best of my potential.”

A few years ago, I never used to be this way and was too afraid to do anything about my life. Not because I couldn’t, but because I never believed I could.

I would often stand on the sidelines and watch other people make progress and lead the lives they truly wanted and felt envious of the type of life they lead.

It was a very difficult period of my life and one that I would never forget. It taught me a valuable lesson – No one cares about whether you succeed in this life or not and that the only person that can make a difference in your life is you.

No matter how much I was depressed or felt sorry for myself. No one was really there to help me snap out of it. Sure I had support from friends and family, but I was still ultimately alone with my own thoughts, anxieties and limiting beliefs.

Building self-confidence in yourself is difficult when you don’t feel it and took me a while to slowly develop the courage to face my fears and make a change.

Slowly but surely through small baby steps, things started to improve – I made more friends, started new hobbies, found my sense of purpose and began to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I eventually decided to start this very blog, to share my journey and to help others who are in the same lonely place I was where there was no one really there to help you move forwards.

I want this blog to ultimately be the ‘go to’ place for advice and support where there generally is none elsewhere.

I will be with you every step of the way in times of hardship and loneliness and will do my very best to help you succeed.