[quote style=”boxed”]There’s no such thing as a goal. Only an expectation.[/quote]goals and achievement

Achieving goals is a waste of time!

There, I’ve said it… I say this because for the majority of my early adulthood, I’ve looked at my future and saw high hopes for myself and imagined myself to be somewhere great. The pinnacle of where I would like to be and bask in glory after all of my hard work and efforts.

In retrospect, I’ve realized that my focus was completely messed up and distorted.

There are many reasons why I believe this to be true since i’ve often seen people with very little in terms of achievement lead the happiest lives. But the key significance between these people and people who look towards high achievement is simple:

They love what they do…

Looking back, I never really liked what I did and never really had direction in what I wanted from my life up until recently when I realized that while earning a living is important, it is very easy to get drawn into the mindset of earning more and becoming a consumer in order to seek and achieve happiness.

The reality of it is, it’s all rubbish.

I’ve always been the most happiest when I did the things I truly enjoyed. I not once thought about goals or cared about whether what I was doing was right or wrong. All I cared about was the activity.

It’s not really the ‘becoming’ that’s really important, but the ‘doing’.

Having completely understood this, I’ve now started to focus on the things I truly enjoy. And what’s most interesting is that having forced myself now to think about it, I’ve discovered things about myself that I never knew previously due to my focus being distorted.

What do you most enjoy in your life?

I spoke about my cat in a previous article about how he simply got on with stuff and not think about what he needed to do. This perfectly fits in line with the idea of enjoyment and why I believe having passion in an activity is so vital because it takes little thought to do what you enjoy.

All of my anxiety, worries, expectations and disappointments were all a result of goals, which could have been cleared with this one simple understanding.

If you’re reading this at a time where you’re feeling low because your life isn’t where you want it to be. You now have a reason why you feel this way and should hopefully help you realize that your happiness can be attained by simply changing course and doing what you truly love, just for the sake of doing it and not because you want to achieve something.

It’s because of our high expectations that causes us to stifle and get held back. In truth, we can do what we truly love from today and finally feel happy about our lives without wanting anything.
Because it’s the wanting that causes pressure and anxiety.

While I could give you tips on how to achieve this. It really is pretty simple and not that difficult to do. All it takes is 2 simple things:

1) Decide what you really want to do in your life that you really enjoy
2) Start doing it.

The biggest tip I could give you in helping you discover what that is. It’s to simply observe whether what you’re doing takes motivational effort or is something you do with ease despite the challenge.

After all, nobody needs motivation to do what they love 🙂

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts and tips of your own. Please leave your comments below…

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Onder Hassan
Onder Hassan

Onder is the founder of Dawn of Change. He spends most of his time in the discovery of his own potential, building his self-confidence and using his experiences to share and teach others how to do the same.

    10 replies to "My Thoughts Towards Goals And Achievement (Part 1)"

    • Tom Dixon

      I think you summed it up perfectly – in fact no one needs to be motivated to do what they love. That is the root of it, isn’t it?

      • Onder Hassan

        Exactly Tom, I thought about it and it makes sense. I’ve never had to motivate myself to go to the movies or to play a video game. But whenever it was finding time to go and do something else that I wasn’t that interested it, I would try really hard to motivate myself.

        I think thats what motivation really boils down to, “people trying to create interest in an area that they’re not interested in” lol

        Thanks for the comment.

    • Diana Reid

      GREAT article Onder as always! You are so authentic & I’m loving the 2 step advice:

      1) Decide what you really want to do in your life that you really enjoy
      2) Start doing it.

      There’s more to it like getting over the limiting beliefs, procrastination etc but in its simplest form you nailed it!

      • Onder Hassan

        Thanks Diana,
        Yeah it does get complicated as our minds usually plays tricks on us to stop us from moving forward. But generally it all boils down to those 2 key things.

    • Kevin Cole

      These are some really strong points Onder. For the past 15 months I have been working like crazy to get my blog profitable. A few weeks ago I finally achieved that goal and to be honest, it didn’t even feel that amazing. When people say the journey is better than the reward they are not lying.

      Enjoying the process is really what it all comes down to. If you enjoy the process of doing X, then goals are for shit. Solid stuff man.

      • Onder Hassan

        Thanks Kevin,
        Its a lot of hard work to start a new blog and business online. A lot of people make claims about how easy it can be but it is a grind starting out, especially when you experience dips in your progress when you’re not growing.

        My problem has always been finding my voice. I think I have yet to find mine, which is why growth is slow. Some people get it within a few months. Others over a few years. I think i’m the latter.

        • Kevin Cole

          Yeah, it took me a few solid months of blogging to find it. I was already a solid writer and did really well in school, but transferring over that ability to blogging took some time. You will get there man. Voice is personality. Whatever your personality is will become your voice.

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    • David Mark at Brevedy

      Good post but I wonder if there isn’t a baby with the bath water thing (quite a morbid metaphor if you think about it) involved with discarding goals. There are some very positive aspects to goals: motivation (you can’t ALWAYS do what you like, this is why “couch potato” is not a profession); organization and measurement. I think the bigger problem with goals is when they become the ends instead of the means.

      • Onder Hassan

        Exactly David. The problem is when the goal becomes the ‘achievement’ and not the activity itself. It’s a problem because it’s easy for someone to say they would like to be something or like the idea of it, but may well hate the journey and the work needed to get there.

        My argument is, if you’re truly passionate about what you’re doing, then the end goal doesn’t matter and is simply a byproduct of the activity you do on a daily basis.

        Thanks for your comment 🙂

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