[quote style=”boxed”]Never fear death. Use it to guide you, motivate you and steer you into the direction of your dreams[/quote]

use death to motivate you

I was out to meet a friend this afternoon and on my way back, i had a really good think about a post that a friend of mine published yesterday which concerned death. Now i know the thought of it sounds pretty grim, coming from a blog geared towards happiness and change. However, i’ve often said that its all to do with your frame of mind which directly shapes your belief system.

Having really thought about my friend’s apprehension and the idea of death in general, i decided to share my thoughts regarding it which should hopefully put to rest and ease off any worry that anyone might be having.

Lets not forget that death is just another natural part of life which is inevitable for all of us. Use death to motivate you.

Onder Hassan
Onder Hassan

Onder is the founder of Dawn of Change. He spends most of his time in the discovery of his own potential, building his self-confidence and using his experiences to share and teach others how to do the same.