[quote style=”boxed”]A mind without a belief is like a car without fuel… Train your mind to be the best it can be[/quote]

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The video posted above is really personal yet important to me. It clearly shows why having a belief is everything when it comes to becoming successful. And i felt sharing it with you would be a great learning experience. It will not only give you a small glimpse into my life, but also provide you with a lesson.

Little did i know at the time of recording it in the month of September 2008 that what i was thinking would eventually transform me into a better person 5 years later.

Since that time, i’ve become:

  • More sociable
  • Have made loads of friends.
  • Become proficient at Salsa.
  • Have gone traveling around Europe and have since started my own blog which i’m very proud of.

At the time, i felt i lacked the confidence to be who i wanted to be yet had an idea of where i saw myself in the future. And this video helps illustrate how powerful having a strong belief system is.

Until next time!

Onder Hassan
Onder Hassan

Onder is the founder of Dawn of Change. He spends most of his time in the discovery of his own potential, building his self-confidence and using his experiences to share and teach others how to do the same.