[quote style=”boxed”]You can’t change things. You can only change your perceptions.[/quote]belief is everything

As i’ve gotten older and more experienced. I’ve started to recognised the power of belief and how belief is everything when it comes to perception and seeing the things you want to see.

Perception really is powerful and one that differs from person to person; what one person might see, will not necessarily be what someone else sees.

I started to realise that life or the world we live in, isn’t really good or bad. It’s simply ‘what is’.

We are consciously creating what in essence is our life.

If we’re having a hard time one day or a great time in another. It’s all due to the perceptions of the thing we’re experiencing.

How we see things and what we feel is a direct reflection on what we choose to believe in at that moment.

It’s our mind and thoughts that determine how we choose to feel.

So our self confidence in that case, is all dependent on our beliefs.

Since our environment is a reflection of our beliefs, it therefore stands to reason that our beliefs is what dictates how we feel about ourselves.

The only way we can change this, is to start changing how we associate things in order to better direct ourselves in a more positive light.

Of course, not being affected by external factors is impossible because as humans, it’s unnatural to not have emotions. Developing indifference however, becomes an important aspect of yourself to develop.

Are you affected internally or externally?

Using your internal resources as a compass is key to developing sustainable self confidence because it simply relies on your internal dialogue and not the things happening around you.

How do you deal with the things around you, good or bad?

Are you able to keep going despite hardship?

These are things to think about when looking to improve yourself.

But it all starts with your beliefs.

Onder Hassan
Onder Hassan

Onder is the founder of Dawn of Change. He spends most of his time in the discovery of his own potential, building his self-confidence and using his experiences to share and teach others how to do the same.